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Just VENT to a Psychologist


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Discover the benefits of a venting session with a professional


Reduce your stress level

You are stressed about your studies, your job or having difficulties in your life? Try venting and get active listening from a professional. This will help you gain deeper insights into your situation and reduce your stress level. 


Better focus on your life, work or studies 

You live in a self promoted era with all its side effects on your day to day life. You are like many others, sidetracked from what matters the most to you. Talking about it to a professional will help you regain focus in your life.


Private, secure and professional venting sessions for anyone in need of an active listener

Talking about your private life without judgement or negative reaction is important. Friends, family or total strangers are not equipped to suppress their views and their own personal issues to guide you in your reflections.  Take the right step and get it off your chest in the right environment.



Venting session

Book a venting session with a psychologist within your vicinity, at a time that works for you. You will receive reminders prior to your meeting. You will see the benefits of offloading what's on your shoulders. Your first session is 15% off if you are a student.

Venting Professionals

Venting professionals are university graduates with psychology Bachelor, Master or Doctor's degrees and have permits to practice in their field. They have a practice within a multi-service clinic or private offices. They have the right training to help you vent, guide you or refer you for further help if you need it.


Vent as many times as you like

If you feel the need to vent again to the same professional or another one, you are encouraged to do so. You are guided throughout your own process of reflection at your own pace. You are not rushed to conclude or reach understanding in a fixed period of time. Just vent and regain your peace of mind at your own pace.  

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